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University of Toronto

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Religion and Film

The role of film as a mediator of thought and experience concerning religious worldviews. The ways in which movies relate to humanitys quest to understand itself and its place in the universe are considered in this regard, along with the challenge which modernity presents to this task. Of central concern is the capacity of film to address religious issues through visual symbolic forms.

Had Sarah Kleeb. She was a superb funny prof; we watched a film every class, and had discussions after. A two-paragraph response paper was due every week, plus an in-class final essay on provided topics. The reader was cheap and accessible given you're familiar with arts type readings (basically a lot of long-winded BS to sift through, where a paragraph can be summed up in a sentence). If you're good at filtering material, not bad at essays and are interested in film on various topics of religion such as demonization, role of women in the religion and myths, and atheism, this is a good course to both think about a number of interesting topics and practice your hand at writing. I'm a computer science specialist but found this course both easy, relaxing (watch some movies, yeaaah) and insightful. Haven't skipped a lecture.

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