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University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario

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BIOL 139


Lots of memorizing! tutorials were easy. i found the midterm much easier than the exam.

Added by Anonymous on 2011-06-21 12:38:36

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Cptn_Crunch - 2014-05-27 15:48:12
Make sure to go to class for this class. This for sure is not a bird course. Heavy amounts of memorization are needed to do well. Be careful of tricky wording that Dupont may put on the midterms/final. She will give you a 5% bonus if you do these online activities. Watch out for some of the post mid term material like linkage/recombination and make sure you understand those topics. The tutorials are mostly aligned with the lecture material but also has some of its own content so you end up having to learn a few extra things apart from the lectures. The course has since changed to BIOL 239
amian_i - 2013-01-12 04:24:50
Believe me on this one and just go to the class. She puts the lecture online but you won't understand half of the stuff as well as you would in class, with her pointing out the specific things.
warrior - 2012-07-12 18:56:34
Got an 83%. Tutorials are really easy marks. Dupont tricks you on her wording. Midterm I got a high 80 and final I got high 60. Never went to class because lectures posted online. Her voice puts you to sleep. Literally...
lmpersonator - 2012-06-08 10:38:41
DEFINITELY not a bird course. Other than the simple genetics material you cover in high school (Punnett Square, modes of inheritance and DNA replication/theory), there is a lot of other material to learn. In fact, the high school material was only about 25-50% of the midterm and about 10-20% of the exam. Tutorials are mandatory since it counts for about 25% of your grade, but it's VERY VERY easy to get all of it. Midterm was a lot harder than the exam (sadly, the average for both the exam and midterm roughly 57%). Although they were multiple choice, the questions make you think. Manage your time wisely for the midterm since it's likely you'll barely finish. There are opportunities for bonus marks (at first 2%, then bumped to 5%) to make up for the crappy midterm/exam. NOT a bird course, but manageable (ended up with 84 :D ). STUDY, STUDY, STUDY. Sucks that Dupont's the only prof teaching. Her lectures weren't boring and I enjoyed going to class. She does end up posting the lectures online, so there isn't a point in going to class...but I think most do.
ratingleprof - 2012-05-27 14:28:10
NOT a bird course. Dupont did not bell curve despite abysmal midterm average. Quite a few students dropped out and she encouraged them to do so. She does add a bonus to your final mark though..

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