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Molecular and Cellur Biology

One of the goals of modern biology is to understand how the basic building blocks of life give rise to biological form and function. This course provides students with a common lexicon to understand the key principles and concepts in molecular and cell biology, with a focus on how the building blocks of life lead to functioning cells.

David Dansereau

Added by Anonymous on 2011-06-08 15:12:55

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Rustam Hajiyev - 2014-08-08 13:31:12
A Winter 2013 Prof. Yip and Prof Neumann
The course itself is very easy, BUT a lot of study material and audios. I finished it with B+ but I did not even know the last 3 weeks of the second part of course. Got 67 or something from final. So, a little bit logic will also be helpful in the worst scenario. Also, go to Yip's lectures. He is an awesome professor.
gyngyn123 - 2014-05-15 15:20:00
easier than bio120 and lots of fun!
chentianbai - 2013-07-24 02:06:34
pretty hard course, I almost failed...
Heyababy - 2013-01-02 23:32:21
Not a bird, not a bird, def not a bird. More like a dinosaur...(whatever that means). Long readings, lectures that takes time to sink in, moderately hard tests. I had a 8o something before the exam....with lots of effort.
edwardjr1326 - 2012-04-20 16:39:15
Lots of reading and the textbook is a big red BIOSH, however they post lecture recordings on Portal with slides and you don't have to attend class even once. I never attended class and studied right before the midterm and exam and got an A. Pretty easy course if you have common sense, no need to even read the textbook just google the stuff you don't understand.
woosh9156 - 2011-06-08 15:15:11
This course is f*cked-up with RSM100Y1. The midterm average is 61%. Even if I've got 83.3%, I'm now worrying about whether this damn course will break my 4.0 GPA

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