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University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario

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SOC 101

Introduction to Sociology

An introduction to the basic concepts and frames of reference of sociological investigation and interpretation. Topics for analysis will include communities, associations and institutions, classes and status groups, crowds and publics, social processes, and social change. Special attention is given to Canadian society.

Added by little_clau on 2005-01-26 05:24:17

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royhuffman - 2013-03-13 13:47:19
Three online tests, one 3-4 pg essay, and a final exam. I took it with McClinchey and his notes were terrible and based directly off of the textbook.
MrPear - 2011-09-21 23:31:39
Pretty difficult online. People on discussion boards go overboard.
tomato - 2011-02-01 17:05:06
VERY easy. It's possible to get 80%+ without much effort. I studied a lot and got a 97%. All the questions are multiple choice, the exam and tests were fair.
xBiochemistx - 2010-07-19 15:37:36
Probably the easiest humanities course. As long as one attends the lectures...an 80+ is probably guaranteed
dNullMe - 2009-09-30 09:20:15
very fun and easy course of you have it with ed jansen (or janzen, not sure the spelling)
ktot9 - 2008-12-08 18:31:44
Having Plecash was difficult, she talks so quitely and in a very dull tone which made it hard to listen and stay interested. I have never seen more people playing games or on Facebook on their computers during a class.
bob - 2004-09-08 14:47:32
Very easy but you are required to go to class to watch the movies...egh.

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