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University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario

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ECE 332


Tough by J Barby and Sedra. Very easy going course... labs were also easy. Class midterm ave was 85 and class final average was 90 ish. Should take this course to improve your gpa.

J Barby is the best prob to have. Sedra is awesome, too. PS. Birdness could have been greater than 5. 10/10

Added by Anonymous on 2011-02-28 19:18:45

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dnldrnr - 2011-10-25 18:31:29
Offered during the fall and winter usually... labs are a joke, exams are easy
68k - 2011-10-14 20:04:40
Taught by Barby, Sedra, or Bosco. Bosco is the best. He totally cares about his students and makes lots of jokes. The labs are really easy. His hair style is a plus. Could have been more than a five.

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