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MATH 127


Try To Take Joseph West. Keep Up with the home work, and don't miss class. If you do all that its a guaranteed 80. DO THE ASSIGNMENTS.

2 mid terms and one exam. A lot of the midterm questions are directly from the assignments. So its a must you do the assignments, and learn the assignment material.

Added by Anonymous on 2011-01-13 14:30:58

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Cptn_Crunch - 2014-05-27 15:53:29
Steep learning curve going from high school calc to this course. The assignments take time as some of the questions need a lot of thinking to figure out. Do them by all means, they will probably be your only means of doing practice problems in the course. A good 70% of the course covers content from grade 12 calc but goes more in depth. Mid term may be hard, but final was for sure much easier. But in either case, they will for sure be easier than the assignments. Try taking the course with Clinton Loo.

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