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University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario

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SCI 238

Introductory Astronomy

A survey course in astronomy intended for Mathematics, Engineering and Science students. The solar system, the Sun and planets, stars, the Milky Way, galaxies and cosmology.

When this course was taught by Mike Hudson (S04), there was a quiz once a week (online, so you could just look at the book while you do the quiz), a midterm exam that was incredibly easy and a final that was somewhat easy (perhaps the marks were too high after midterm...). During this term, the prof made it so that each lecture was 30 minutes longer...and by doing that, finished classes 2 weeks early (so you didn't have the final exam when the rest were). That was just for S04 though, but it was pretty easy.

Added by Anonymous on 2005-01-23 12:23:00

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Yale Wang - 2015-07-24 16:45:01
B Spring 2014 Epp
Easy but some challenging bits. Tests & exam were super easy.
ThugLyfe - 2011-04-24 13:39:42
this is not a bird course if that ginger is teaching it. he expects you to memorize very specific details like the names and properties of 100 different solar systems and galaxies and sh*t that no one cares about.
Student - 2009-10-28 09:59:10
Avoid this course like the plague if Gretchen Harris is teaching it. Horrible lecture, unrelated assignments and quizzes look for monstrously specific understanding of a few details from the lectures. Terribly organized course. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.
cdub - 2008-12-06 03:02:18
do not take this de ... it is a pain in the ass and it is really hard to stay on top of it ... also if you get Dr.Harris switch because she will ask you the dumbest question to do for assignments and her bi-weekly quizzes are garbage
Ken - 2004-08-01 19:54:50
Some easy math involved, but becareful if you are taking this course through Distance Ed, since there will be small assignments that you need to hand in almost every week... small, but still annoying.. For DE - 5 quizzes, 1 project, weekly assignments and final exam

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