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University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario

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SCI 206

The Physics of How Things Work

A practical introduction to everyday technology, this course will look at the physics behind common devices used in consumer products and industry. Examples include air conditioners, microwave ovens, household wiring, nuclear reactors, and medical imaging.

Multiple choice midterm and exam. If exam result is better than midterm result, your final mark is simply your exam result. You're given the class notes, class is fun and interactive, and you only need to know relationships (never have to compute numbers). This is the ULTIMATE in birdcourses!! Take it!

Added by Anonymous on 2005-01-22 06:30:00

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UW_BIO - 2014-01-06 13:15:40
Anyone can score a 90+ in this course as long as they go to class.
Ken - 2004-08-01 19:50:45
The only difference between this course and high school science is that this course requires no math at all... just imagine how fun science is without ANY math!!

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