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Introduction to Archaeology

Cultures in the Old and New Worlds from an archaeological perspective. Principles of prehistoric research are applied to archaeological information, from the Early Pleistocene to the beginning of written history.

No need to go to class... the prof wrote the textbook and he posts a review of all the material you need to know before the test. Easy A. You get an automatic 10% just for showing up to all the tutorials.

Added by Anonymous on 2010-08-27 18:31:42

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Heyababy - 2013-01-02 23:27:31
Before looking at this bird ans snatching it I have a few warnings. Firstly, yes the course is somewhat easy because the prof wrote the book and the lectures are basically a restatement of the textbook lol....so, technically, I can imagine not going to class and getting a decent grade. BUT, my warning here is that every week or so short essays are required, whereby TA'S can be a bit mean in marking.....so, yeah. BUT it is pretty easy overall, just that the essays can kinda get you pissed. Expect a B- to A- in this course with moderate effort....oh and I forgot to mention, the quizzes are graded weird too...I put so much details, and yet I dont get the marks...its like the TA's dont even read the answers.

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