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BIOL 444

Microorganisms and Disease

A study of the microorganisms involved in pathogenesis, their mode of infection, symptoms and prevention of diseases. [Offered: F]

There are only 8 sets of notes in total. The midterm covers only 3 sets, and a sample midterm is given which is similar to the actual one. The final is pretty much the same format but there is alot of writing. Format is written answers, matching. The lab component takes alot of your time. You will spend at least 4 hours everyday going into the lab. Other than that its a good , interesting and fun biol course easy 80% or even higher if you study alot.

Added by Anonymous on 2010-04-26 22:41:20

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UW_BIO - 2014-01-06 13:13:50
There are only 8 sets of notes but each is quite long and there is a lot of material in each. The material itself can be difficult to understand. What makes this course hard is the prof's marking scheme. The tests are all written answer, and the TAs are told to start taking marks off for any extra info written for the question, even if what you wrote was correct. So you could effectively get marked 0 on a question you should have had full marks on. The lab component, while not really difficult, eats up a lot of time due to follow-ups.

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