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BIOL 439

Environmental and Natural Products Biochemistry

This course deals with the functions, distribution and environmental ramifications of natural compounds produced by plants and other biological systems. Natural products are those compounds usually described as secondary metabolites, i.e. those apparently non-essential products whose physiological and ecological functions are either obscure or are of peripheral importance to the organism. However, many of these non-essential products have profound competitive, economic and pharmacological significance; and as research proceeds, their physiological roles within the parent organisms are becoming clearer. As well, this course has a strong emphasis on how environmental chemical and physical processes impact on living organisms and their biochemistry. [Offered: F]

I've heard this is an easy course but we'll see if it is when I take it this fall.

Added by Anonymous on 2010-04-26 22:36:35

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anon123 - 2014-01-02 21:25:00
The professor for this course offers many hints for the midterm and final. In addition, only a half-decent understanding of organic chemistry is needed in order to do well in the course. Moreover, there is a bonus paper where any student can write any topic pertaining to natural products biochemistry.

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