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Abnormal Pschology (Scarborough Campus)

The study of abnormal psychology is a search for why people behave, think, and feel in unexpected, sometimes bizarre, and typically self-defeating ways. Much less is known than we would like. However, this course will focus on the ways in which psychopathologists have been trying to learn the causes of abnormal behaviour and what they know about preventing and alleviating it.

Taught by Prof Zakzanis (younger prof who has a real enthusiasm for subject - i.e. not boring). This class also posts lectures on intranet (so you aren't required to attend lecture). 3 Guest speakers (i.e. per4son with depression, person with eating disorer, etc.). 3 tests each with 50 multiple choice(1st worth 40%, midterm 30%, final 30%). Test are not cumulative (test 1 chapters 1-5, Test 2 = chapters 6-10, test 3= chapter 12-16). One you complete one test, you never have to study that stuiff for any of the other tests

Added by Anonymous on 2005-01-21 01:20:00

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