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Russian Thought and Culture

Course Description A survey of cultural history from the beginnings to 1861. Lectures will focus on major developments in literature, philosophy, art, architecture, and music as seen against the background of Russia's historical past. Discussion will be devoted primarily to works of Russian literature.

Took it online. No texts to buy (selected readings are provided online and can be printed out). Readings tend to be brief (a poem each week, a few pages from a short story, etc.). 1 short quiz (i.e. 10 questions) 5% 2.weekly (very) short answer assignments and online discussions 20% 3. Summarize a short article 5% 4. Two short essays (750 words each)30% 5. Final exam (3 essay questions) 40% Course is basically about how well you can analyze Russian poems and short stories (i.e. statue of csar = state tyranny, persecution of certain russian religious leaders = persecution of jesus on the cross, etc.). Basically there are no wrong answers if you can support your ideas with examples from the texts. No one I know got below B+

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