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Great Dialogues: Reflection and Action

What is the relationship between thinking and action? Do they pull us in different directions? Can they be integrated? This course investigates how our own dialogue with core texts, from antiquity (e.g., Homer, Plato, Christian Scriptures) to the present (e.g., Joyce, Arendt), offers ways of understanding the dilemmas and issues raised by these texts and present in our culture.

Marking scheme with Prof. Greenwood - 4 x 5% in class written reflection on a given topic. As long as you hand something in, you get full marks. If you miss one, you can usually submit it later. - 2 x 25% essays. As long as you hand them in by the deadline, you can resubmit by the end of the term. - 30% Final Exam. Includes 1 essay question, 2 short essays, and 10 "state the significance".

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