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University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

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Intro to Materials Science

This is an introductory course in materials science examining the fundamentals of atomic structure, the nature of bonding in materials, crystal structure and defects, and phase equilibria. These basic principles provide the foundation for an exploration of structure-property relationships in metals, ceramics, and polymers, with emphasis on mechanical properties. The properties of materials then form the basis for an introduction to materials selection in design.

Added by Anonymous on 2005-01-21 01:20:00

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bloodshot772 - 2011-10-11 00:39:59
Easy for a university level chemistry/physics course. Really depends on your prof and how good the lecture notes are. Do the assigned homework and you'll do fine.
wwhhaatt - 2010-06-02 23:56:22
No one knows what the hell is going on, but its still pretty hard to fail.
Anonymous - 2009-09-13 23:06:53
It's not so much that this is an easy course. But when I took it in 2006, the professor was Steven Thorpe, who is an amazing prof and made the material extremely clear.

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