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University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

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Puzzles, Discovery and the Human Imagination

There has never been a period of time, nor has there ever been a culture, without some kind of puzzle tradition. Are puzzles just playful artifacts, intended merely to entertain? Or are they mirrors of something much more fundamental in human life? The course will take a close look at what puzzles tell us about the human mind and human culture. Co-requisite: One of ANT100Y1/BIO 150Y1/HPS100H1. This is either a Humanities or a Social Science course.

First Year Vic Pathway Course Teacher: M. Danesi 4 quizzes - 20% 1 essay - 40% 1 exam - 40%

Added by Anonymous on 2005-01-21 01:20:00

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kelvin2 - 2009-09-07 11:32:12
The course is now runned by TAs, it's friggen hard to even get B+. Only the exam is ok, the tests and essays are marked like hell. New break down - 25% 4 tests with MC, SA, 1 small essay per test - 35% for 2 essays - 1 exam 40 %

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