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Adaptation and Biodiversity

Principles and concepts of evolution and ecology related to origins of adaptation and biodiversity. Mechanisms and processes driving biological diversification illustrated from various perspectives using empirical and theoretical approaches. Topics include: genetic diversity, natural selection, speciation, physiological, population, and community ecology, maintenance of species diversity, conservation, species extinction, global environmental change, and invasion biology. A lab coat is required and the cost is approximately $16 if students wish to purchase it through the Department. (Lab Materials Fee: $26)

Added by Anonymous on 2021-12-16 17:01:18

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Anonymous - 2021-12-16 17:01:18
B Fall 2021 John Stinchcombe, Megan Frederickson
Spent 71:44:39 hours in total (3-5 hours per week) on this subject (I track my time for all my work, there is authority in this number), and got an A+. Very easy compared to other life science first-year courses, but not as chill as pure bird courses.

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