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Gepgraphies of Globalization, Development & Inequality

Why has economic globalization lowered barriers for the flow of goods and capital across borders,while heightening the obstacles to migration for (most) people? How can histories of colonialism and imperialism help to understand contemporary processes of economic and social ‘development’? In what ways, and with what effects, have efforts to eradicatepoverty in the Global South intensified inequalities, globally and locally?Throughout this course, we apply a geographicalapproach to studying these questions. We proceed from the insight that allaccounts of globalization, development, and the causes and consequences of inequalityare rooted in particularassumptions about people and places acrossthe world. We extend this insight to examine a range of responses to globalizationand theoriesof development. By the end of the course, students should have at least a basic account for the ways globalization and development inter-relate in the creation of polarized landscapes. We pay particular attention to the restructuring of relationships among states, markets, and households.

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Anonymous - 2021-09-17 20:11:36
A Fall 2019 Lia Frederiksen
This prof was extremely good! She was very kind, professional & knowledgeable. There were 3 assignments for this course, all of them were quite easy, not very long essays. The TA was great too. The readings were not numerous, and quite engaging content. Overall, a great course and I ended up having my highest mark with GGR112, and it still is. Very positive experience.

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