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Epidemiology of Health & Disease

This course engages students in the fundamental science of epidemiology applied to health and disease. After an introduction to various measures of health and disease, the scientific methods used to investigate, analyze, prevent and control health problems will be illustrated using social, biomedical and public health examples Prerequisite: 9 FCE complete, (BIO120H1, BIO130H1)/​HST209H1 Exclusion: HST373H1 Recommended Preparation: STA288H1 or other statistics course Distribution Requirements: Science Breadth Requirements: The Physical and Mathematical Universes (5) Program Area Section: Human Biology, Public Health Sciences

Added by Anonymous on 2021-04-06 17:52:15

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Anonymous - 2021-04-06 17:52:15
A Winter 2021 Leanne de Souza
Took this course online, this was surprisingly low effort and honestly you can learn a lot about how the field of epidemiology works, 80% of the course is grouped work on deconstructing/ presenting a paper and it did not require close cooperation - each student done their part (e.g. introduction/ methods) and put it together, the TAs are fairly nice we got 85+ for all the assignments and believe me we really didn't do much work. The only test is a 1-hour multiple choice and study design - easy 80+ if you have crammed before the exam like I do. I am not a smart learner, and I assure you this is the course you want to take for 300lvl life science.

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