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BIOL 355

Biology of Human Aging

An overview of current aspects of the biology of human aging and the functional changes associated with both normal aging and pathological problems often present in the elderly. Biological theories of aging and normal age-related structural and physiological changes on all of the major body systems will be discussed. Extrinsic factors such as diet and exercise and their role on the aging process will be examined as well as various medical treatments.

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2019-10-05 11:03:40
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User_1557 - 2019-10-05 11:03:40
B Winter 2019 Duxbury
Before taking this course make sure you have strong hand/wrist muscles otherwise your hand will definitely cramp afterwards. This class was actually quite enjoyable, the content was super general and had barely any in-depth biology/physiology, but more big picture stuff. Cheryl gave us clicker questions randomly throughout the term and they were worth more if you got them right, they were relatively easy and she gave you enough time to google the answers or look back in your notes real quick. The midterm and final were written so they usually took close to the whole time but there were lots of options for questions. What I mean by this is that she would give you a chance to answer 4/5 questions or 5/8 TF ect. Most of the questions were the compare and contrast and big topics in class, but small stats are definitely useful in answering the questions. I also suggest going to review your test afterwards, even though the final really isn't cumulative, going to compare your answers to Cheryl's really helps you to understand how she wants her questions answered and how much info is required to do well. Also READ THE BEFORE STUFF! On every test she hands them out early so you can flip through and understand what's being asked so you can get a gameplan before she starts the time, use this. Some questions she really does not want point form for so it's important that you know ahead and taking into consideration the total for a question will help you break up your time better and know how much you have to get through. ps. there's usually a question on the back page

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