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University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

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Organic Chem

easy first midterm... gets harder bunch of memorization

Added by Anonymous on 2005-01-21 01:20:00

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User_725 - 2016-07-04 22:52:59
D Winter 2016 B R O W N I N G
Rip sweet child
Danielle Wright - 2015-11-23 20:13:21
B Fall 2015 Dicks, Yudin, Steferos
Textbook is useless (other than for the weekly tutorial quizzes), as with every other course at u of t. Past tests will make your life 100x easier.
User_427 - 2015-08-24 19:19:47
D Winter 2014 Dicks
User_264 - 2015-03-12 20:59:03
C Fall 2014 andy dicks
The test questions are much harder than the textbook questions but if you buy the package of past tests from the ASSU, the tests will be pretty fair if not easy. It's only the final exam that should be considered difficult because the exam questions are somewhat harder than the test questions. The past exams on the repository don't help because there are no solutions. Go on oxdia and get some past final exams that come with full solutions and then you should be fine for this course. I could have gotten an A- if I knew oxdia had past exams with solutions. The final exam dropped me hard so make sure you guys ace the midterms and get your hands on past exams with solutions.
User_234 - 2015-01-13 00:33:12
D Fall 2014 Song
Take only if needed
gyngyn123 - 2014-05-15 15:23:00
this course made me cry. avoid if possible but very interesting. Labs sucked the life out of me
gyngyn - 2014-01-06 17:30:31
if u don't have to take it then don't. but most of us life sci people have to so i recommend either swtiching to 157( full year) or : actually keep up with the readings and practise everyday! NO SLACKING IN THIS COURSE. i personally didn't do well becuase i'm lazy ( 65%) while those who kept up with studies and practised such that they were comfortable with every sentence got 80s
Pawel123 - 2010-07-19 18:17:01
Have to put some effort in it
Axon - 2010-06-27 00:50:02
NOT an easy course. As someone who already took this course, moderate effort must be put into it. Although the lab section is extremely easy
anoninymous - 2010-02-16 15:37:31
Cakewalk course, don't listen to the haters above.
Anonymous - 2009-08-18 22:41:48
this is a joke. please remove this as people might actually take it seriously.
birdcourses - 2008-12-03 15:36:28
I do NOT know what this course has a listing on this website..??
Anonymous - 2008-02-01 23:41:42
this is definately not a bird course, the average is around a C

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