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RS 100L


This course is a study of a number of religious thinkers who are influenced by the social sciences in their understanding of modern societies and the evil they produce. These thinkers turn to ancient writings, ideas, values, and practices to address the problem of evil in the modern world and come up with some startling and fascinating suggestions. They find that often their own communities, beliefs, values, and traditional practices often contribute to the problem. They also find sources of wisdom and goodness in their traditions and offer solutions to the evil they see around them. Finally, they make general observations about the nature of the evil in the world and in each one of us. Required Reading (Available at the UW Bookstore) Gregory Baum,

I would recommend taking it at DE. There are 3 online tests 20% each. And 2 essays ( max 750 words )20% each when you take it at DE. NO FINAL EXAM.

Added by NoNameCon on 2005-01-21 01:20:00

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