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Studies In Russian-French Cultural History

This course surveys the history of Russian-French culturalcontacts and mutual influences, from the eighteenth through thetwentiethcenturies. Topics include: the use of the French language in Russia;Russia as part of the historical Francophonie; interaction betweenFrench and Russian artistic and cultural elites; expatriation and emigration; cultural and political tourism. Lecturesare in English.Tutorials are divided intoAnglophone and Francophone sections. Readings are available in Englishandin French. Students ofRussian are encouraged to read Russian texts in theoriginal.Thiscourse counts toward both French and Slavic programs of study.

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Anonymous - 2019-04-11 00:27:41
A Winter 2019 Smolyarova, Livak
I didn't try at all and got B+

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