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Human Geography

The course introduces human geography through an exploration of the evolution of geography to modern traditions, the measurement of geographic space and phenomena and the spatial interactions of people with the environment. Students gain an understanding of geographic principles through lectures and course material and develop fieldwork skills through practical sessions and field exercises.This course fulfills 1 field day.

Added by Anonymous on 2018-04-30 14:37:10

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Anonymous - 2018-04-30 14:37:10
B Winter 2018 Laliberte. N
Tuturiols are easy but tests are mostly focused on the textbook so if you don't do your readings on time then you're screwed. Readings are dense and boring and you don't know what to focus on. Many ways to make up bad tests scores tho so just work hard on everything else. Participation is worth 7% also, and there are essays you can do for 5% mark increase over the duration of the course that are not mandatory but just extra credit; I would suggest doing them as it's an easy way to boost your mark.

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