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Architecture: Rituals

This lecture course introduces students to the history of architecture. We will examine patterns of architecture from pre-history through to the beginning of modernism (circa 1700). In covering such a large period the goal of this course will not be to memorize large amounts of information on individual monuments, although students will be expected to know representative examples from each period. Rather, lectures, assignments and exams will encourage students to focus on principles that run through the course of architectural history, as well as the relation of architecture to culture more broadly; and to investigate the ways in which architecture continually looks back to its past, even while claiming a radical new present. Marking Scheme & Assignments: Test 1 = 10% Test 2 = 15% Final Exam = 25% Discussion Board = 10% Project Part 1: 10% Project Part 2: 10% Project Part 3: 20%

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Anonymous - 2017-04-16 18:32:01
A Fall 2016 Christy Anderson
Very easy!

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