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Great Moments in Astronomy

From the Copernican Revolution to twentieth century astrophysics. Emphasis is placed on the process of discovery which has led to major advances in knowledge about the Universe. The course includes an outline of some of the most significant puzzles of our day and an examination of the potential for new revolutions in our knowledge. This course is best suited to science students.

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Anonymous - 2017-04-13 17:43:15
B Fall 2016 Hilding Neilson
Ten online quizzes would be given to you throughout the course, and were all very easy (you get three tries and only the highest mark out of the three attempts will be recorded). The two midterms were easy as long as you study from the textbook two nights before the test date. All the lecture slides would be put online a day before the class, as well. The final exam was a condensed version of the two midterms and the things learned after the second midterm, and again, just go over the lecture slides and read the textbook on things that are not intuitive to you and you'll do fine. Most of the concepts are fairly common knowledge, it's the kinds of stuff like how supernova works and the formation of white dwarfs that are a bit tricky to get.

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