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Introductory Analytical Methods

The course introduces students to elementary analytical concepts of quantitative methods. The principal focus will be on statistical techniques. The quantitative concepts and techniques we will address have proven useful in theoretical and applied research in geography. When these concepts and techniques are understood, students may use them in research design and analysis and for research projects or papers in other geography courses and social and physical sciences generally. The techniques are also frequently used in the jobs that geographers take up on graduation. The course is a requirement for geography majors and is also a pre-requisite for more advanced 'method courses' in geography (and in other departments).

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Anonymous - 2017-02-14 20:16:47
B Fall 2016 Michael widener
prof is extremely helpful and nice. Tests are almost the exact same format from the problem sets. If you just go to lectures and do the problem sets - solid A if not maybe B

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