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University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

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Prof Ian Sinclair, bald, english accsent, not clear at memorizing and explainning stuff...lectures, better be there since all things asked on the test is in lecutre notes BUT NOT ON TEXT BOOK!, so do not buy the text book - -. No assignments marks(but you will have 7 sample assignments just to get familiar with test questions, things asking how does thunderstorm form or why does lake Ontario experiences 2 turn-overs each year...), 2 term tests and 1 final. test format: 14 multiple choices (1 mark each), 3-5 short answers (total 14 marks, so term test is 28 in total). OH, and you will have tutorials with assignments (answers are posted in the following week...its a book of explainations)

you WILL FAIL the first term test, and the second, so then you will know you have to work your ass off to study sleeplessly for 3 days before the final, then you get a 89 in the course while the course average is B+...

Added by Anonymous on 2013-08-20 03:09:30

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