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Organic Chemistry

An introductory course in organic chemistry, based around the themes of structure, bonding, reaction mechanism and synthesis. Reactions are discussed with a view to understanding mechanism and how they are useful in the multi-step synthesis of medicinally and industrially important compounds. An introduction to the spectroscopy of organic molecules is also given, as well as discussion of topics relating to the biological behaviour of organic molecules and medicinal chemistry. This course continues from CHM151Y1 or CHM138H1 and is designed for students in the chemistry specialist and major programs. This course is highly recommended for students in the Biological Chemistry program.

The prof is very good at making things interesting and explaining them clearly. labs are hard to do, but TAs are very helpful and kind. marks for labs and tests are around 75%, which is pretty high for such confusing materials. Average B

Added by chentianbai on 2013-07-24 02:14:20

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User_389 - 2015-07-19 06:44:05
D Winter 2015 B. Morra
You need to work pretty hard to get a good mark in this class. Completing weekly practices and going to tutorial and class is essential to getting a good mark.

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