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University of Waterloo

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Digital Lives

An examination of how digital communication technologies create and promote on-line identities and social spaces, as well as interpersonal and communal interactions.

This course is very easy even if you are not an expert at computers and digital technology. The book you get 'New Media' is very easy to understand however this is an english course so there is a big writing component to it. At the end of the course instead of writing an exam you have a term paper/final essay, as I remember it was quite lengthy but the professor goes about it have certain steps due at different times so you don't get all stressed out if you procrastinate. The professor is very helpful and very understanding if you go to his office hour for help. The unfortunate part is the in class discussions can get very deep into technology and the web, and it seems a lot of people do know about technology so if you can, then use some of terms you picked up in the readings for your in class discussion. Overall it is an easy and interesting course if you are into a brief introduction to learn about digital media and are interested in writing.

Added by sarsar373 on 2013-03-31 17:24:52

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