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Intro to Global Health

An introductory course covering the theories, operational components and strategies of implementing primary health care in developing countries. Topics include education, control of vector borne diseases, essential drug provision, maternal and child health and nutrition and incorporation of alternative and complementary technologies, community participation and deployment of health service providers.

Dr. Maria Papaconstantinou was great! Lecturing style and pace is easy to follow, everything you need is in the slides. If you treat all the info like a story/interesting facts, you will remember everything. One presentation w/ lots of research but still, interesting topics (mostly got all info from UN sites and was good to go). Midterm and Final were easy and fair game. 2 papers, but again, if you care about people and health issues, those are easy 1 page assignments. Probably the only thing I don't regret taking.

Added by Anonymous on 2013-01-17 16:03:15

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