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York University

Toronto, Ontario

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HUMA 1160

Enlightenment and Human Understanding

Study the works of Descartes, Hume, and Hobbes and learn about their contributions to modern day thought. 9 Credits

Taught by Stanley Tweyman. The books are cheap, but the material is extremely heavy. VERY VERY Heavy. Tweyman also does not write very neatly on the board. Why is it a bird course? Because there are no take home assignments, or formal exams. Just 4 tests through out the year that are open book or you are allowed cheat sheets. Also you get the test questions a month before the test and your TAs spoon feed the answers to you over a month. Really easy stuff. You don't learn anything if you cant absorb these heavy thoughts but its an easy 9 credits.

Added by Anonymous on 2013-01-11 13:09:14

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