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University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario

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CS 134

Principles of Computer Science

An introduction to basic concepts of computer science, including the paradigms of theory, abstraction, and design. Broad themes include the design and analysis of algorithms, the management of information, and the programming mechanisms and methodologies required in implementations. Topics discussed include iterative and recursive sorting algorithms; lists, stacks, queues, trees, and their application; and the history and philosophy of computer science.

Assignments, midterm, final.

Added by Anonymous on 2005-01-21 01:20:00

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jeffwabdg - 2009-04-06 21:04:09
THIS IS NO WAY BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!
swishcheese - 2008-12-21 22:16:32
This is the second most pointless course in waterloo. So pointless that it soon wont really exist. It is a very easy and VERY BORING course. Everything about it was pointless. Assignments were tedious and I started half of them during class on teh day they were due.
jeffwabdg - 2008-11-14 13:39:07
NO way this is bird
Anonymous - 2008-04-23 23:48:56
this course is f***ing hard
Anonymous - 2007-01-06 23:15:34
no way this course is easy, must be a joke submittion

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