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University of Waterloo

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SOC 207

Sociology of Education

Sociology of Education Attention will be focused on the concepts and theories of sociology as they apply especially to the educational system. This course is designed for Co-op and Regular students who plan to enter the teaching field.

- Huan Lui - 1 group presentation - 1000 word essay - Attendance and participation 10% - No tests - No final exam this prof was from University of China, but learned her english in britain. so she had the weirdest accent i've ever heard in my life. she also spoke very poor english, but that ended up being a plus. she literally only taught the first 3 classes, and read straight form a powerpoint. then she divided the class into groups, gave each group a chapter of the text, and the rest of the classes were group presentations.

Added by Anonymous on 2012-10-11 23:56:42

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