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University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario

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CHE 572

Air Pollution Control

Nature and sources of air pollutants. Transport of pollutants and dispersion modeling for regulatory purposes. Design of industrial particulate capture systems using cyclones, electrostatic precipitators, filters, scrubbers. Design of organic compound emissions control using incineration, biofiltration, adsorption and absorption. Overview of NOx and SOx control. Indoor air quality assessment techniques. [Offered: W] Prereq: Level at least 3B Chemical or Environmental Engineering

Professor Bill Anderson -very monotone lecturer; but gives very good notes. -3 online quizzes that are worth 10% in total. 20 questions in 14 minutes - do these with a partner!! -No midterm -Minor weekly assignments (10 in total) each worth 0.5%, but only a completion mark. -2 major assignments - 1) Reflect on an air pollution issue based on a journal article 2) Design assignment -> Get this out of the way ASAP, its quite time consuming -Final: quite easy; simple design questions; Open Book and Notes

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