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University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario

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ERS 203

Environment & Development on a Global Perspective

The central goal proposed for this course is to discuss: 1) Development and the environment in the global south providing an overview of the paradigm of sustainable development, and a general description of key environmental challenges. 2) The interface between environment and development by discussing a series of global problems with especial focus on ?developing countries?. Case studies will be presented. 3) Development and planning for sustainability looking at debates around sustainability in developing countries considering the appropriateness of Western-derived environmental concepts within the global South. It is expected that students will gain a better understanding of the complexity of the interface between the environment and development in countries with developing economies. We will explore existing problems and the challenges implied by potential solutions, with a solid grounding in key theoretical debates. The course will encourage students to think critically about the ways in which practitioners approach issues and define problems, and the theoretical viewpoints that inform their actions.

The course was not super easy, but very interesting. It seemed as though the professor had come in with an opinion to bash multinational corporations, and didn't portray both sides of the opinion. The midterm was super easy, there was no final exam. Bonus marks for attendance after the midterm. Readings and reflections due on a weekly basis ~5-6 LONG articles. Two main assignments which were super easy... (1) reflect on your favourite issue and (2) poster presentation

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