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University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario

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ERS 215

Environmental and Sustainability Assessment I

An introduction to processes and techniques for incorporating environmental considerations in planning and evaluating proposals for future undertakings that may have significant social and biophysical effects. The course provides an overview of methodologies for, and controversies surrounding, the design and conduct of biophysical and socioeconomic impact studies, and the testing of reported findings. The main focus is on the purposes and design of environmental assessment processes, with particular reference to the Canadian federal and Ontario provincial legal mandates, and the evolution of assessment into a sustainability framework. [Note: Formerly ERS 241]

Was taught by Prof. Denis Kirchoff. He was a very nice prof, but lectures were boring due to the nature of the course. He pretty much read off of the slides. Lectures also included videos and guest speakers. Grade breakdown: Midterm 30%, Report 30%, Final 40%. Midterm consisted of 5 multiple choice (25%) and 3 questions (75%). Weeks before the midterm a survey of 7 questions was conducted, and the 3 with the most votes (which were announced) were chosen for the exam. The report involved a case study and evaluating it. The final contained 10 multiple choice (25%) 1 paragraph form question (25%), and a choice of 2 out of 5 paragraph form questions (50%). The topics of the questions were already given out before the exam. Bottom line: The course is easy and you can actually learn some interesting stuff if you commit only a couple of days in the term to putting in the work. Don't get arrogant.

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