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University of Waterloo

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BIOL 241

Introduction to Applied Microbiology

Introduction to microbial ecology, environmental microbiology, food microbiology and medical microbiology. Topics in environmental microbiology include biogeochemical cycling and biological treatment of wastes and pollutants. Topics in medical microbiology include concepts of immunology and host-parasite relationships

Dr. B.J. Butler, midterm (20%), final (50%), lab component (30%). Exam format: multiple choice, matching, true-or-false questions

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User_1557 - 2019-10-05 11:08:27
B Winter 2019 Butler
Not sure why, but I actually enjoyed this course more than Neufeld's. Barb is such a great teacher. Her slides are so informative already and I suggest going to her classes because she just elaborates further on certain concepts. If you take the time to read her slides before class you'll know which ones you really want to listen in on. This course is way more practical and the midterms/final are relatively easy if you study. Not super content heavy and she asks pretty easy questions. It also helps that the lab component wasn't difficult. Basically it's a repeat of BIOL 240L but this time all of your reports are worth less and you don't need to write flow charts for every experiment. The labs are also really repetitive, so just split the experiments between partners and you'll be out of there usually within 2 hours (it would be less if the TAs spent less time talking about unimportant things)

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